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I am a writer, artist, and food enthusiast.

I’m the Culinary Cupcake!

Welcome to Culinary Cupcake! My name is Allison. I am writer and I love food. I cook and write nearly every day. I cannot resist a good cookbook or a good recipe.

I believe that this is my corner where I may share my passions with others. I am an East Coast girl living with my husband and dog, and wherever I go I soak in the food culture that surrounds me!

Why the name? I have been enthusiastic about the culinary arts ever since I was young. As a child I would avidly watch cooking shows on the weekends and be enamored with sautéing, emulsifying, slicing, braising, and baking. As for the other part of the name, whenever anyone wants to get me a dessert, the safest answer is always a cupcake or a slice of cake.

My favorite things in the world are cooking, eating, creating art, reading, gardening, and science. I want to incorporate all of these interests into this website for you.

Please enjoy my website. I hope I can connect you with pleasurable recipes, tips and tricks, and new adventures!

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