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Bay Area Culinary Cupcake spots

Mademoiselle Colette

Mademoiselle Colette is a French style bakery nestled in downtown Menlo Park on Santa Cruz Avenue. They create cuisine using local, organic, and seasonal produce. The menu has a mixture of traditional French dishes and creative twists on old recipes. They serve breakfast, lunch, cafe drinks, wine, and have ready-made pastries for the diner withContinue reading “Mademoiselle Colette”

Oh Baby Sushi

My husband and I visited Oh Baby Sushi last fall. Oh Baby Sushi is an delightful sushi restaurant in a strip mall in Redwood City. It has a large variety of sushi dishes from traditional flavors to many vegetarian and vegan rolls. The menu includes appetizers, salads, soups, sushi, noodle soups, and bento boxes. ItContinue reading “Oh Baby Sushi”

Menlo Park Farmer’s Market

I have received no compensation in exchange for this post. I simply wanted to review this market. The produce described and their prices are accurate as of time of publication. One thing that is wonderful about living in California is the year-round farmer’s markets. The Menlo Park Farmer’s Market has always been a favorite ofContinue reading “Menlo Park Farmer’s Market”

Chuck’s Donuts

My husband has been talking about Chuck’s Donuts for months. It is a favorite spot to get donuts among his colleagues. I knew that I had to try it after hearing all the raves about it. We decided one night to go to the shop, pick up some donuts, and eat the donuts at home.Continue reading “Chuck’s Donuts”

Yokohama Japanese Bistro

I have received no compensation in exchange for this post. The food described are accurate as of time of publication. The Yokohama restaurant in Redwood City has been a constant of mine since I moved to the Bay Area. The restaurant continues to have a large and varied menu. The menu includes sushi, sashimi, appetizers,Continue reading “Yokohama Japanese Bistro”

Daily Donuts

My husband and I were running errands in Sunnyvale when I got a craving for donuts. That was when we stumbled upon Daily Donuts & Sandwiches. It was a family-owned business in a small shopping center. The store was shallow, it was definitely a casual place where one bought food immediately and left. There wasContinue reading “Daily Donuts”

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. is a brewery and a restaurant. The indoor part of the restaurant was closed due to COVID-19. The outdoor seating was bustling and they had created an annex outdoor seating arrangement in part of their parking lot. The wait for a table was going to be more than an hourContinue reading “Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.”

DC Metro Area Culinary Cupcake Spots

Lena’s Oasis and Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza and Tap

Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap is a beautiful restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia. The name comes from the Yates family matriarch, Lena. Lena’s restaurant was created to promote the gathering of friends and family around a family table. They are currently providing delivery and curbside pickup for Italian food, family meals, party platters, retail items, beerContinue reading “Lena’s Oasis and Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza and Tap”

Coyote Grille

I have received no compensation in exchange for this post. I simply wanted to review this restaurant. Coyote Grille is a lovely spot to get Southwestern inspired food in Fairfax, Virginia. It is a gem in Fairfax City and is typically clamoring with locals and newcomers. They are known for friendly service, fresh food, handcraftedContinue reading “Coyote Grille”


I have received no compensation in exchange for this post. I simply wanted to review this restaurant. Some menu items that were featured are seasonal. Subject to availability. Downtown Fairfax is full of historic buildings that are now used for local businesses. At the Moore-McCandlish House there is a gem of a restaurant called Hamrocks. IContinue reading “Hamrocks”

The Spot

The Spot is a food hall in Rockville, Maryland. It boasts a variety of Asian foods and beverages at reasonable prices. The hall is located in Rockville Town Square. It is a lovely place to eat and socialize! I first heard about the Spot from a friend of mine. He and I love to goContinue reading “The Spot”

Lifestyle by Culinary Cupcake

Ten Thousand Villages

I have received no compensation in exchange for this post. I simply wanted to review these products. Prices are accurate as of time of publication. One of the goals I have resolved to do this year is to make more ethical choices when it comes to my purchases. Most of items I purchase these daysContinue reading “Ten Thousand Villages”

Travel with Culinary Cupcake

Mackintosh Fruit Farm

I have received no compensation in exchange for this post. I simply wanted to review this establishment. Prices are accurate at time of publication. The Mackintosh Fruit farm is a pick-your-own fruit farm in Berryville, Virginia. Patrons can come to the farm with their friends and family and pick their own fruit. In the fallContinue reading “Mackintosh Fruit Farm”

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