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Delicious Donut Cake

Want to make that delicious donut taste from your own kitchen with no frying required? Look no further than my Delicious Donut Cake! It is moist, delectable, and easy to make. Eat it for breakfast or for dessert! One of the things I noticed when I was living in California’s Bay Area was the donuts.Continue reading “Delicious Donut Cake”

Creamy Hummus

Hummus is a creamy delicious spread that can be used as a condiment or eaten as a snack! It is super easy to make! Completely vegetarian/vegan! Hummus is a spread that is made from chickpeas, sesame paste (tahini), garlic, and lemon juice. It is difficult to pinpoint the origins of hummus. Historical information has theContinue reading “Creamy Hummus”

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