Iranian/Persian Cuisine

Starters and Sides

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Mini Barbari Style Bread

This popular Persian flat bread can be eaten for breakfast or can accompany many dinner dishes! Barbari, also known as Nan Barbari or Noon Barbari, is a traditional Persian flat bread. Nan or noon means bread in Farsi. Its origins can be traced to Iran. Barbari is light in texture and has a crisp crust.…

Main Dishes

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Koobideh Kebabs

Fire up the grill and create these delightful kebabs! Kebab Koobideh is a grilled kebab dish that originates from Iran. It is made with ground beef or lamb and is often mixed with onions. The name Koobideh comes from the word Koobidan, which means “slamming” in Persian. This refers to the style of how the…

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Sirloin Kebabs

These kebabs have lovely summer flavors! Fire up the grill and enjoy! Kebabs originate from Middle Eastern cuisine. The most popular style of kebab cooked in the United States is the shish kebab. The shish kebab is a dish where small cubes of meat and sometimes vegetables are cooked or grilled on a skewer. Kebabs…



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