Japanese Cuisine

Starters and Sides

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Miso Soup

Make this restaurant favorite soup in your own kitchen! Miso soup derives from Japan. It can be served at any time of day. Miso is fermented soybean paste. The colors of miso are classified as “white”, “red”, or “black”. The differences in color are caused by the length of time the miso was fermented. Miso…

Main Dishes

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Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

A Japanese favorite! Sauce recipe included! Tonkatsu comes from Japan. It is a dish where a pork chop is breaded and deep fried. In 1899, tonkatsu was invented at a restaurant called Rengatei in Tokyo, Japan. It was called katsuretsu or katsu. The phrase “tonkatsu” meaning pork katsu occurred in the 1930s. Before tonkatsu was…


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Matcha Chiffon Cake

Matcha is a green tea that used in formal Japanese tea ceremonies. The matcha green tea powder is mixed into hot water using a special whisk. Unlike other green teas, matcha is not typically served with a meal because of its thick texture. It is favored due to it being high in antioxidants. Matcha powder…


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