Mademoiselle Colette

Mademoiselle Colette is a French style bakery nestled in downtown Menlo Park on Santa Cruz Avenue. They create cuisine using local, organic, and seasonal produce. The menu has a mixture of traditional French dishes and creative twists on old recipes. They serve breakfast, lunch, cafe drinks, wine, and have ready-made pastries for the diner with a sweet tooth.

Eclair Photo by Allison of Culinary Cupcake

I walked through the door and was enamored with the selection of baked goods behind the glass case. On the white marble counter colorful individual pastries sat upon shiny gold mats. Many of the confections had a chocolate disk with “Mademoiselle Colette” printed on them.

I was greeted by two servers and they told me to take my time in choosing. After another minute of scanning the selection I chose an eclair. It had a shiny chocolate glaze and little milk and white chocolate disks resting on top. I decided to dine there, and the server gently placed the eclair on a plate for me. The day was warm and sunny so I decided to sit outside on the patio.

The outdoor decor reminded me of pastry shops I experienced in Paris. Out in front of the building were black and white wicker chairs around white tables. There was also a more modern take on seating with white couches and coffee tables interspersed on the deck. The couches gave the patio an outdoor living room feel.

After I settled into my chair I took a bite of the eclair. I was delightfully surprised to find the filling was chocolate instead of the traditional vanilla filling. The pastry was light and some of the chocolate glaze melted onto my fingers. I savored every bite. It was just the right amount of sweetness.

I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. I will be back again.

Due to COVID 19 this restaurant is only open for Takeout at this time.

816 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025



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