Plain Madeleines (Madeleines Ordinaires)

Madeleines are small delectable French cakes that go well with tea or coffee. They are often served at cafes and French bakeries. Madeleines are small French cakes that consist of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. The origin of the cakes is up for debate. Some say that they were first created in Commercy around 1730Continue reading “Plain Madeleines (Madeleines Ordinaires)”

Grandma’s Beef Pho (Pho Bo)

There is nothing like a warm bowl of pho! Hot broth, chewy rice noodles, succulent meat, and fresh herbs…what’s not to like? The process may take a while, but the results are worth it! Pho is a noodle soup that comes from Vietnam. There has been much debate about whether pho soup was inspired byContinue reading “Grandma’s Beef Pho (Pho Bo)”

Vegan Vietnamese Baked Mooncakes (Banh Nuong)

It would not be a proper Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) without mooncakes! Try my vegan twist on a Vietnamese-style baked mooncake recipe! An essential part of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) are Banh Trung Thu or mooncakes. The two most common type of mooncakes are Banh Nuong (baked cakes) or Banh Deo (soft and stickyContinue reading “Vegan Vietnamese Baked Mooncakes (Banh Nuong)”

Simple Small Batch Blackberry Cobbler

There is nothing quite like blackberries during the warmer months. Turn freshly picked blackberries into a small delicious Blackberry Cobbler! This recipe is extremely easy and it tastes great! Cobblers originate from America. They are a fruit dessert that is a variation on pie. Cobblers are baked in a deep dish, includes a thick crustContinue reading “Simple Small Batch Blackberry Cobbler”

Southern Style Flaky Biscuits

Is there nothing better than a flaky biscuit? Look below for simple steps on how to make delectable Southern Style Biscuits! Cover them with sausage gravy or eat them with fried chicken! The term “biscuit” was a British word that describes a thin cookie or cracker. In the United States, especially the South, biscuit meansContinue reading “Southern Style Flaky Biscuits”

Pandan Coconut Chiffon Cupcakes

These dairy free cupcakes taste so light and fluffy! Enjoy the exotic flavors. The pandan and coconut pair perfectly with each other. These cupcakes are so soft it will be like biting into a cloud! Cupcakes got their name from how they were originally prepared. Before muffin tins were invented cupcakes were baked in individualContinue reading “Pandan Coconut Chiffon Cupcakes”

“Healthier” Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes

The yogurt in these cupcakes make them super moist in texture! They are very easy to make. This recipe is “healthier” because it includes yogurt and uses less sugar than many traditional cakes. You will also love the deep chocolate flavor! Cupcakes were named from the process in which they were originally prepared. Before muffinContinue reading ““Healthier” Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes”

Cheaters Cherry Pie (Two Ingredient Pie)

This cherry pie is beautiful and easy to make! There are great baking “cheats” in this recipe so that you can focus more on presentation instead of making all the components from scratch! “As easy as pie” is a popular term that describes a task or job that is simple. I thought that I wouldContinue reading “Cheaters Cherry Pie (Two Ingredient Pie)”