What to Make for a Barbecue

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Warm weather and barbecue parties go hand in hand. Nothing beats the taste of grilled meat and vegetables. Barbecuing and grilling have been great American pastimes for decades. When the weather is sunny and warm it is time to break out the grill and have some fun!

Check out my fun list of foods to make for a barbecue party!

  1. Ribs
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There is nothing quite like getting your fingers sticky from ribs at a barbecue. Whether you grill a slab or cook them in a slow cooker, people will love to have succulent ribs at any party! It does not matter whether you cook beef or pork ribs, just make sure there is plenty of barbecue sauce for serving.

Check out my recipe for: Slow Cooker Baby Back Ribs

2. Beef Hamburgers

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Another traditional choice for a barbecue is the beef hamburger. Traditional hamburgers are a great choice for the grill, because they are easy to prep and quick to cook. If you play around with the seasonings you can create something really fantastic and creative!

Check out my recipe for: Juicy Hamburgers

3. Turkey Burgers

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Turkey burgers are a good choice to make at barbecues, because they are leaner than traditional beef burgers. Though lean does not mean without flavor! With the right marinade and seasoning turkey burgers can be quite delectable!

Check out my recipe for: Juicy Turkey Burgers

4. Black Bean Mushroom Burgers (Vegetarian)

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Of course we need vegetarian options for any party! Homemade Black Bean Mushroom Burgers are juicier and have a lot more flavor than the frozen store bought ones. Give yourself a little time and make them from scratch!

Check out my recipe for: Black Bean Mushroom Burgers

5. Brats

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Brats or bratwurst are the easiest barbecue protein to cook because they involve no preparation whatsoever! Just heat up the grill and throw the brats on, and in a few minutes you will have a savory entree!

Check out my recipe for: Delightfully Grilled Bratwurst

6. Kebabs

Photo by mustafa tu00fcrkeri on Pexels.com

Nothing quite beats the ease of food on a stick! Grilled kebabs are a fun food for any barbeque whether they are made of beef, chicken, pork, or vegetables! No utensils required.

Check out my recipes for: Sirloin Kebabs and Koobideh Kebabs

7. Chicken

Photo by Omar Mahmood on Pexels.com

Chicken is always a popular option for any barbecue. You can grill chicken wings, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, and chicken breasts. Just make sure to always use a meat thermometer to check that they are cooked through!

8. Macaroni and Cheese

Photo by Allison of culinarycupcake.com

Macaroni and Cheese is a great side dish because children and adults cannot get enough of it. Making macaroni and cheese from scratch does not really take up much more time than the boxed version. So impress your guests and make it yourself!

Check out my recipe for: One Pot Macaroni and Cheese

9. Potato Salad

Photo by Allison of culinarycupcake.com

Potato Salad is great for barbecues because it is a side served chilled or at room temperature. It is super easy to make and it is a wonderful make-ahead side dish!

Check out my recipe for: Korean Potato Salad (Gamja)

10. Cupcakes

Photo by Allison of culinarycupcake.com

Cupcakes are a lovely dessert for any barbecue because no utensils are needed to eat them. Just take the cupcake and go! There are many different flavors that will compliment the barbecue entrees. You can go for traditional vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. Or go fruity with coconut and citrus flavors.

Check out my recipes for: Coconut Lime Cupcakes and Lemon Blackberry Cupcakes

11. Cobbler

Photo by Allison of culinarycupcake.com

Cobbler is a popular choice of dessert to bring to any potluck or barbecue. Which makes sense, warm weather brings delectable fresh fruit and fruit cobbler is a dish that can easily be made for a crowd. Whether it be peach, blackberry, or strawberry cobbler bring it to the barbecue!

Check out my recipes for: Blackberry Cobbler and Peach Cobbler

12. Pie

Photo by Allison of culinarycupcake.com

Pie is the quintessential barbecue dessert. It is a lovely way to showcase fruity flavors and enhance them with a sweet crust. You can go with traditional flavors like blueberry, cherry, or apple. Or you can have citrus flavored pies like key lime or lemon curd.

Check out my recipes for: Key Lime Pie and Cherry Pie

Whatever you decide to make or bring to a barbecue, just have fun with it! Food brings people together in the best ways!


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