How to Make a Mini Portable Greenhouse Seed Starter

Want to start some seeds for your garden? There is no need to buy a seed starter from a store. You can make one at home using supplies that are typically found around the house! My method ensures that you will create a Mini Portable Greenhouse Seed Starter that is cheap to make and superContinue reading “How to Make a Mini Portable Greenhouse Seed Starter”

What to Eat for Vietnamese Tet (Lunar New Year)

In Vietnamese culture, Tet (Lunar New Year) is the most important holiday. Families and friends get together to honor their ancestors. Sumptuous dishes are prepared and left on the worship altar. The altar has photos of ancestors and is adorned with candles, flowers, and incense. People pray to the spirits to thank them for watchingContinue reading “What to Eat for Vietnamese Tet (Lunar New Year)”

Best Homemade Food Gifts to Give during the Holidays

The best gifts come from the heart! Homemade food gifts are very thoughtful and can be inexpensive if done properly. People will love how much thought and time you spend on making their presents this holiday. Cookies Cookies are a classic gift to give during the holidays. They do not take very long to bakeContinue reading “Best Homemade Food Gifts to Give during the Holidays”

How to make Cuban Sandwich Rolls

Cuban sandwich rolls are wonderful! Their texture is somewhat crusty like a French baguette, but still soft and flavorful like an Italian rustic loaf. Cuban rolls are perfect for making cubanos, but you can make any kind of savory sandwich you like. By Hand Combine yeast, water, salt, lard, and sugar into a large bowlContinue reading “How to make Cuban Sandwich Rolls”

How to Make a Romantic Breakfast for Two

My husband and I love having special breakfasts on the weekends when we can. We use it as a time to be a little more indulgent with our recipes than our weekday breakfasts and to share how our week went with each other. Breakfast can be a very romantic meal if you want it toContinue reading “How to Make a Romantic Breakfast for Two”

How to Make Fresh Pasta (without a machine)

Before pasta was made by pasta machines or mass manufactured it was luxury food created by hand. Nothing really beats the flavor of fresh pasta. I love purchasing fresh pasta from farmers markets, and I revel when there is fresh pasta at my local grocery store. Most people are hesitant to purchase their own pastaContinue reading “How to Make Fresh Pasta (without a machine)”