Top Ten Simple Changes for a More Sustainable Life

Sustainable living is a practical method that aims at reducing one “carbon footprint”. The goal of it is to reduce one’s environmental impact by making changes that will counteract climate change and other negative environmental problems. Sustainable living means minimizing the overuse of Earth’s resources and limiting further damage to the environment.

Living more sustainably does not need to be very difficult. There are many resources that can be utilized these days. All it takes are a few simple tweaks to things we use every day.

Here are the top ten simple changes that you can make to your every day lifestyle that can put you on the path to a more sustainable life.

  1. Reusable shopping bags
Jute netted bag

Whether one is shopping for food, clothes or household products, reusable shopping bags are wonderful! They eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags, which are terrible for the environment. There are so many kinds of reusable shopping bags to choose from; burlap bags, canvas bags, jute bags, and many more. Tailor sustainable shopping to your lifestyle.

2. Reusable produce bags

Reusable mesh produce bag

Reusable produce bags keep food fresher for longer! The mesh helps the fruits and vegetables with air circulation which reduces food rot. Tons of food is thrown out every year because of food rot. When food lasts longer, there is less food waste. Personally, I bring these bags with me to the store or the farmer’s market and place my produce inside. This limits the need for plastic produce bags.

3. Eat Local Food

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What better way to reduce one’s carbon footprint than to eat food that is grown locally? Check out local farmer’s markets or grocery stores that sell wares from local farmers. The food will also last longer because it did not need to travel too far to get to you. Local food is not limited to just produce, support local farmers by buying their fresh bread, milk, and cheeses too!

4. Garden: Grow your own food

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Even closer than a local farm is your home! Growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home is deeply satisfying. Everything tastes fresher. Gardening is also excellent exercise, and the plants can add extra oxygen which is good for everybody!

Need help with seed starting? Use my tips for making your own portable greenhouse.

Don’t have a lot of space? Try a jar garden.

5. Cloth Kitchen Towels

Photo by Liza Summer on

Reduce the amount of paper towels in your household by switching to cloth kitchen towels. Cloth kitchen towels are perfect for drying hands and drying dishes. They can also be used to handle warm food dishes and can be used as pot holders. There are a lot of possibilities!

6. Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkin and place setting

Why should cloth napkins be brought out only for special occasions? Cloth napkins are easy to use and easy to wash. By implementing cloth napkins with your daily meals you eliminate the need for paper napkins.

Want to see more? Read my review of the cloth napkins from

7. Metal Straws

Metal straws and cleaners

Make the switch from plastic straws to metal straws! So many plastic straws are disposed of all the time and they are a hazard to the environment, especially animals. I use metal straws at home, and if I am getting fast food I say no to plastic straws and use the metal ones kept in my car.

8. Reusable Water Bottles

Photo by Alex Azabache on

We need to drink tons of water during the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bringing a reusable water bottle wherever you go is a great way to drink more water and reduce plastic water bottle usage. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Have fun whether you select a glass, metal, or BPA free plastic water bottle!

Did you know that water from plastic disposable water bottles goes bad? There is a safe to drink by date because when water is bottled at the factory it is treated in the same manner as sodas. Save yourself the headache and drink from a reusable water bottle!

9. Eco Friendly Body Scrubber

Eco friendly body scrubber with bar soaps and toothbrush

Get clean with less plastic use! Eco friendly body scrubbers are made from natural fibers and materials. They still help you cleanse and exfoliate, but are less damaging to the environment compared to plastic loofahs. Ditch the plastic and make the switch to something more eco friendly for your body!

10. Bamboo Toothbrush

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Brush your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush! Experts say that one should change out their toothbrushes every three months, which means tons of plastic toothbrushes get thrown away all the time. Bamboo is a sustainable material that makes for lovely toothbrushes!

I hope these tips help you towards a more sustainable life! If you are looking for fair trade body scrubbers, kitchen towels, cloth napkins, metal straws, reusable shopping and produce bags then I suggest looking at

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